Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” Series [Sci-Fi]

Isaac Asimov - Foundation Trilogy

I’m only a handful of chapters into the original “Foundation” book, but I’m hooked. It was a great surprise to find out Apple TV had produced a show about this series, casting none other than Jared Harris (lead actor in HBO’s Chernobyl, one of my favorite TV series of all time).

I don’t like to support Apple as a company, because they’re a ruthless profit machine that grinds up people to output the maximum amount of profit and pollution (like any successful mega-corporation) but in all its irony, I’m excited to see Asimov’s work given a late-capitalist-Hollywood treatment. Especially since they seem to have cared enough to hire one of the best actors of our time for it. Here’s hoping it’s anywhere near as good as the written versions.

After misplacing my first small, paperback copy of “Foundation”, I quickly searched for another copy of the book. Or three. I couldn’t resist getting different versions of anything-Asimov, as I’m now hooked into his universe and no longer willing to casually let his work slide by. It’s time to dive deep. I even bought a Russian version, for later, when I can read it.

By far, the most impressive way to experience this book, is the hardcover trilogy. Get that one. The book has a presence about it. The fonts, the weight of it, the green built-in bookmark ribbon… This is like buying an album on vinyl.

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