Cosmic Putrefaction [Sci-Fi Blackened Death Metal] [Italy]

After determining Norway’s Issolei was my favorite discovery of 2021, I realized I should have called it a tie with Cosmic Putrefaction. The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers by COSMIC

“Chimera” by Phrenelith — Death Metal Album Of The Year?

…Head-banging anthems that will live on for generations. Now in very-late 2021, Phrenelith has offered a top contender for Best Death Metal Album of the Year. … Continue reading“Chimera” by Phrenelith — Death Metal Album Of The Year?

Phobophilic – Undimensionable Entities [Oldschool Death Metal]

“One may coyly ask: could anything GOOD come out of Fargo? The answer is: yes…good and rotten. But Phobophilic is more than just rotten; they are also decimating, cosmic, chthonic, and unmatched. I guess that is just to say that Phobophilic is very good.” -JDMP on Bandcamp … Continue readingPhobophilic – Undimensionable Entities [Oldschool Death Metal]