Doom Metal

Doom metal is charactarized by downtuned guitars, thick distortion, incredibly slow drums/tempos, and a combination of dissonance and melody. Most doom metal contains “growls” or gutteral vocals. Bands like Khemmis use classic metal vocal styles over doom metal traditions.

Melodic doom favorites at None So Vinyl include Katatonia, Shape Of Despair, Un, Saturnus, October Tide, Rapture, Novembers Doom, and of course, old Anathema.

“Doom/death” is another side of doom, and it’s a big favorite around here. Krypts, Spectral Voice, Mortiferum, Hyperdontia, Void Rot, Phobophilic, Ataraxy, Atavisma, Tomb Mold, and Outer Heaven have been on heavy rotation since 2019.

Un – The Tomb Of All Things [Doom Metal]

Seattle’s finest re-released their sleeper classic “The Tomb Of All Things”, and I almost missed out on this reissue. One of the two color variants is now sold out, which is no surprise. The other will be sold out soon, no doubt, and I’m ordering a copy right now.

Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing

Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing [Death Metal] [Death-Doom]

Spectral Voice is one of those bands that is both slow and fast. Importantly, they’re always crushingly heavy. My favorite moments from Spectral Voice, as a biased blast-beat fanatic, are when things get fast. The doom parts are also very enjoyable, convincing me to “give the doom side a chance” when I’m usually…