“Chimera” by Phrenelith — Death Metal Album Of The Year?

Phrenelith - Chimaera (2021)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s oldschool blackened death metal. This corner of underground metal includes what some call Finnish death metal or Finn-death. Bands in the Finn-death scene include: Amorphis, Sentenced, Shape Of Despair, Swallow the Sun, Demigod, and many more.

I’m name-dropping these because the terms could help many people on their path to metalhead-enlightenment. There’s a dark and dingy corner of oldschool death metal tradition that, once you discover it, reveals a library of really enjoyable music. Head-banging anthems that will live on for generations. Now in very-late 2021, Phrenelith has offered a top contender for Best Death Metal Album of the Year.

For fans of: Krypts, Taphos, Sulphurous, Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, Burial Invocation, Ataraxy.

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