Novae Militiae – Topheth [Blackened Death Metal]

Topheth by Novae Militiae

When an album sounds like black metal but can’t easily be summed up, my attention perks up. “What’s this now? Dissonant, blackened death metal with dark ambient expertise and plenty psychedelic experiments?” This is one of my guilty pleasures in life. Jackpot!

Recommended/related bands: Blood Of Kingu, Musmahhu, Decoherence, Altarage, Proscription, Misþyrming,

Novae Militiae are on my growing list of bands who play the “evil” card perfectly, properly avoiding doing anything too traditionally, unless we count the tradition of blasting the listener into submission, with technical precision and free-flowing style. I’m impressed.

Highly recommended, for anyone thick-skinned enough for relentless, pummeling black/death metal!

Where To Buy

Buy “Topeth” in digital or physical format on Bandcamp (direct from the artist/label).


Buy “Topheth” and out-of-print Novae Militiae items on eBay. Buying from this link helps support None So Vinyl, but we still recommend buying everything you can from Bandcamp to support artists directly!)

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