Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing [Death Metal] [Death-Doom]

Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing

Spectral Voice is a Colorado-based band that epitomizes a great accomplishment in the death/doom niche. Wait, I mean doom/death. I think.

This trio is not holding back in any way, other than an overall sense of devout death metal traditionalism, in a way that I thoroughly enjoy. The important thing beyond genres and other expectation-setting adjectives, is that this band accomplished what it was set out to do, if you ask someone like me. They’ve created a short-but-potent catalog of music that only recently began (2014, I think?).

I’m a big fan of hybrid styles of music, and am always drawn to what continues to be called the “Finnish death metal sound” or “Finn-death” etc. My closest friends may tell you I am endlessly praising Krypts, a Finnish band that may be my favorite doom/death metal discovery since Shape Of Despair.

Spectral Voice is one of those bands that is both slow and fast. Importantly, they’re always crushingly heavy. My favorite moments from Spectral Voice, as a biased blast-beat fanatic, are when things get fast. The doom parts are also very enjoyable, convincing me to “give the doom side a chance” when I’m usually

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