S.V.Sh – Perfect Dark Ambient Music from Russia

Album covers for S.V.Sh

While shuffling through a hand-picked selection of music on my phone, a track called “Down Fall” by S.V.Sh started playing. I didn’t recognize it right off the bat, so I checked and felt instantly compelled to recommend this monumentally underrated artist known as S.V.Sh. As an ambient artist myself, I can’t help but feel gutted to know that me and just a few other people know exactly how brilliant S.V.Sh is. For example:

S.V.Sh is a prolific artist from Russia who has released a large volume of top-notch dark ambient music on Bandcamp. This is not your average ambient project. This is deep, dark ambient music that pulsates and drifts into an eternal abyss. This is the kind of music I search for… And there’s a lot of it.

All of S.V.Sh’s work is available to download in high resolution on Bandcamp, and the majority of releases are “Name Your Price” (pay what you want). He releases singles regularly, then compiles the singles into albums and releases those. No hype, little or no self-promotion, just deep and sincere music that pulls you right out of your seat and into the abyss.

Support S.V.Sh

Visit S.V.Sh’s Bandcamp site for more.

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