Surprise: Hail Spirit Noir’s retro-electronic album “Mannequins” rules

Hail Spirit Noir - Mannequins (album cover artwork)

Take me back to the 80s why don’t you! This album reminds me of a long lost John Carpenter movie soundtrack.

-A reviewer on Bandcamp

“Mannequins” is usually described as 80’s horror synthwave, or something along those lines. But wait, isn’t Hail Spirit Noir a black metal band? I thought so…

For me, “80’s horror synthwave” doesn’t usually inspire curiosity — or I should say, I probably would have ignored the album if it wasn’t tied to a black metal band that I’ve enjoyed in the past. Now that I’m getting to know Mannequins, I’m astonished by how fun it is to listen to. Somebody involved really knows what they’re doing in both metal and electronic music realms. Respect!

Imagine a darker version of M83, with all the crisp production and catchy lines you’d expect, twisted into minor-key darkness and sprinkled with cheesy and seemingly sarcastic horror-movie references. It’s always October at my house, so this blend is a huge surprise that really hits the spot in a way I couldn’t have predicted.

Highly recommended!

Formats: Vinyl, CD, digital, streaming
Genre: Synthwave / Space pop / 80’s / Horror
Country: Greece
Release Year: 2021
Label: Agonia Records

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