Sola Translatio – Mother Sunrise [Atmospheric Ambient]

Sola Translatio - Mother Sunrise

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The master/novice relationship at the core of Sola Translatio spawns a 74-minute series of scenic organic/electronic permutations. Veteran ambient eer Alio Die collaborates with newcomer Opium to construct the sprawling drone worlds illuminated by Mother Sunrise and decorated with tastefully-applied field recordings. Trickling rivulets and warmly glowing tones seep from superior spells to simply simmer in a vast expanse of protoplasmic goo. Slow-moving cycles of warm air float on the rays of ‘Mother Sunrise’ (13:59), hovering above avian chirps and fluid splashes.

Clattering bamboo and thumping water drums (and maybe a little throat singing?) drift easily into this peaceful reverie. With nearly imperceptible waves and a backing of insect chirps, ‘Awaken Spirits’ drones resolutely, gathering higher layers of wisp as it mutates. Low rumbles (percussive? mechanical? volcanic?) stir beneath the continual, shimmering organ breeze of ‘Lullaby for the desert moon’ (5:18). The hushed gurgling of an “Undercurrent in castevoli” is entwined with synthesized streamers and occasional flutey twirls, closing this experience in their tranquil cascade.

Often still, but never stagnant, the musically-tinged atmospherics of Mother Sunrise evolve with eight tracks of organic listening at its most sublime. The veteran/rookie combo of Sola Translatio scores an 8.8 with their slow-motion environmental dronescapes.”

DavidOpdyke, The Ambi Entrance

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