oldschool death metal

Phobophilic - Undimensioned Identities

Phobophilic – Undimensionable Entities [Oldschool Death Metal]

“One may coyly ask: could anything GOOD come out of Fargo? The answer is: yes…good and rotten. But Phobophilic is more than just rotten; they are also decimating, cosmic, chthonic, and unmatched. I guess that is just to say that Phobophilic is very good.” -JDMP on Bandcamp

For Fans Of: Mortiferum [Death Metal] [Death/Doom]

Who would have guessed Olympia, Washington would give us not only Wolves in the Throne Room, who never seize to impress me, but also this slab of perfect death metal known as Mortiferum?