Featured Band: Wormhole [Slam] [Tech-Death]

Wormhole - Genesis (Maryland, USA)

While their first album is straightforward, groovy death metal with plenty of blast beats (which sums up what I would call slam or slam metal, Wormhole’s second album features technical chops and odd timings to satisfy any tech-death connoisseur.

Wormhole – Genesis

“Genesis” is a straightforward album of 4/4 beats (mostly), quite different from the masterfully-technical followup release, “The Weakest Among Us” (below).

“Genesis” on Bandcamp

Wormhole – Genesis on Bandcamp

“Genesis” on YouTube

Wormhole on eBay

“Genesis” and “The Weakest Among Us” physical albums on eBay

Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us

“The Weakest Among Us” on Bandcamp

“The Weakest Among Us” on YouTube

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