What is None So Vinyl?

Underground metal albums like "Death Songs" by Pathway (Путь - Песни Смерти)

None So Vinyl is currently a website project for exploring underground and underrated music from across genres and geographies. You won’t find a lot of Tool reviews here. We’re interested in more obscure pursuits.

NSV aims to become a place to find new music, based on what you may have already discovered.

Where did the name come from?

The name is a pun on Cryptopsy’s incredible classic “None So Vile“, which is a must for any metal music collection. If only for a few riffs and blastbeats that changed metal forever.

What’s the plan?

This website begins as a representation of the albums owned by its contributors. This process of adding our collections and comments to the site will take a while. With some programming tricks, we might be able to get things together by mid-2021.

Later on, we hope to turn None So Vinyl into a real record store, probably in Central Oregon.

Until then, the idea is that we’ll be able to catalog our libraries of shared music between friends, in order to create collections, playlists, and otherwise “for fans of” or “related artists” functionality. This way, you can read a review or stream an album, then click on related artists easily. We’ll also feature our own photography to showcase what each album really looks like.

While spending our time to describe and connect bands through various connections, the preference here will be underrated, unknown, obscure music. Music especially from the lesser-known parts of the world.

At NSV, we believe that a physical album is the only true representation of an album, followed by Lossless formats (like on Bandcamp) and that compressed streaming does not count as “really listening to an album.” This website is for the devotees, the music nerds, the diehard fans who demand the best from their stereo systems. Stay tuned.

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